Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka

Seven-times distilled Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka is not your typical flavored vodka. This vodka is the result of fresh strawberries distilled into the cleanest vodka and crafted to be the perfect companion. With an aroma of fresh strawberry jam, Heart of Glass Strawberry is just as at home in a gimlet or vodka soda as it is lifting up a French 75, Hemingway Daiquiri, or a Moscow Mule.

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Toledo Spirits Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka Product


  • Triple Gold Medal Recipient, 2017 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Tasting Notes

  • fresh strawberries
  • Gramma‚Äôs strawberry jam
  • standing in a field of strawberries
  • no sweetness
  • light on the palette
  • berry bouquet

Available Sizes

  • 750ml


Retail: $33.56
Wholesale: $31.55
Listing Number: 4063B