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Made from Organic Rye


Crafted from organic rye and filtered through precious metals, Heart of Gold Vodka combines metallurgy and the farming wisdom of the ancients to create a seductively smooth spirit.

Born from our eternal pursuit of superior craft, the Heart of Vodka series invokes the highest manifestation of pure flavor.


Proof 80

Size 750ml

Price $19.99

An extradordinarily smooth vodka made from organic, Ohio-grown rye and corn. After eight distillations, Heart of Gold is filtered through precious metals to create an exceptionally smooth mouth feel that sets the gold standard.

Enjoy Heart of Gold in classic cocktails like martinis, with soda and citrus, or on the rocks.

Heart of Gold was created to provide a rich and smooth vodka made entirely from Ohio-grown produce. Our unique dual filtering method creates a mouth feel not often found in vodka, and provides an added richness and silkiness to vodka cocktails.

Ohio-grown organic rye and corn are eight time distilled and dual filtered for smoothness. The second filtration occurs through a blend of precious metals which creates exceptional smoothness.

light, clean sweetness / slight spice from the rye / rich mouth feel

Other Ways to Purchase

You can always come by The Bottle Shop at Toledo Spirits and pick up your favorite spirits and merch, or, you can find Heart of Gold at your favorite Ohio liquor store. 

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