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Rum like a King.

King & Dane Silver Rum has the bright, tropical character and easy-going attitude of island rums sipped on sandy beaches washed in sunshine. Celebrate tradition and taste in every cocktail.


Proof 90

Size 750ml

Price $24.99

King & Dane Silver blends the time-honored processes and traditions of authentic Caribbean rum-making with ingredients grown and harvested in the Midwest. Enjoy flavors that evoke thoughts of sandy beaches and palm trees while celebrating the Heartland of America.

King & Dane Silver was created as an ode to the time honored rums of the Caribbean. We aimed to create a rum that would invoke the flavors and feelings of traditional island rums.

Using traditional Caribbean rum making techniques, King & Dane Silver is two time pot distilled from an authentic panela and dunder sour mash.

tropical / grassy / rich / mango, pineapple, and clove / bright and slightly spiced despite being an unaged rum

Other Ways to Purchase

You can always come by The Bottle Shop at Toledo Spirits and pick up your favorite spirits and merch, or, you can find King & Dane Silver Rum at your favorite Ohio liquor store.

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