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Limited Edition Lowertown Bourbon, aged in a new American Oak casket

Lowertown Black Straight Bourbon Whiskey embraces the darkness with this bold, casket-finished sipper.


Proof 99

Size 750ml

Price $99.99

In Lowertown, we pay respect to all the builders and innovators that came before us. We look towards the future while honoring our past, and to our ancestors who laid the groundwork for our collective success—it's the bourbon that binds us.

Do good! And drink among the living.

Lowertown Black is a darker, oakier, more robust and aggressive relative to the sweet mellowness of Lowertown 99. Made from the same mashbill as Lowertown 99 we don't skimp on the proof but turn up the black.

Barrels of Lowertown Black are selected to embrace the depth of heavily charred oak and the dark pools of rye flavor that are found the richest barrels. After aging and mellowing for more than 3 years in a traditional barrel the spirit is awakened to be moved to another smaller, charred oak sepulcher to rest for just long enough before being exhumed and brought to life as Lowertown Black.

The nose is oaky, dark cinnamon spice combined with green cardamom turpine, overlaying a sweet, dark stone fruit base.

The palate unfolds with more cinnamon, leather char. Peppery rye and dried currants with just enough thick green oak follow. The finish is dry balance with just enough sweetness to welcome you into the darkness.

Other Ways to Purchase

Lowretown Black is currently a distillery exclusive.

You can always come by The Bottle Shop at Toledo Spirits and pick up your favorite spirits and merch.

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