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Coffee Liqueur Made from Cold Brew

King & Dane Coffee Liqueur

King & Dane Coffee Liqueur™ doesn't just taste like coffee, it is coffee.


Convenient cocktail on the go that can handle the bumps and waves!

Celebrating your day out of a cooler? They are perfect for those days! 

Pull from pocket. Unseal. Take a sip. Reseal. Return to pocket. Repeat.

The full package: great taste and 10% ABV. 

It is coffee.

Made with thoughtfully-sourced beans and locally-roasted, cold-brew coffee, Jamaican-style rum, and natural sugar cane, King & Dane Coffee Liqueur perfectly balances the rich and robust flavors of coffee with a hint of sweetness. It's the perfect addition to elevate coffee cocktails or add boozy boost to desserts.

The Story

King & Dane Coffee Liqueur was conceived as a true coffee liqueur as opposed to a coffee-flavored liqueur. From our bean sourcing and roasting, through our Black Kite Coffee cold brew process, we aim to create the best tasting coffee for our liqueur. Born from the decadent espresso and cold brew of Black Kite Coffee, King & Dane Coffee Liqueur evokes the rich aromas and complex flavors of the best cup of coffee you've ever had.

The Process

King & Dane Coffee Liqueur is a thoughtful blend of three key ingredients: locally roasted and slowly steeped cold brew coffee, expertly distilled Jamaican-style silver rum, and all-natural cane sugar.