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Single-Barrel, Hand-Selected Farmhouse Rum

King & Dane Farmhouse: Harvest

Experience the rich and complex flavor of King & Dane Farmhouse: Harvest Select™, aged for 2 years and sourced from a single, hand-selected barrel.



Harvest Select highlights the skill and the expertise of our master distiller, who hand-selects a single barrel for each batch. Aged for 2 years, Farmhouse Harvest offers a rich and complex taste that is distinct from the original Farmhouse. Balancing the bold flavors of apple and oak,Farmhouse: Harvest Select is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat or used to enhance your favorite cocktails.

The Story

We set out to create a spirit that was a testament to the art of aging and the exceptionally rare flavor that comes from sourcing from a single barrel. With King & Dane Farmhouse: Harvest Select, we craft a limited number of bottles, each containing a unique flavor that is the result of the expert selection and aging process.

The Process

Farmhouse Harvest Select is crafted using the same traditional rum-making techniques and locally-sourced corn and apples as our original Farmhouse. After aging for 2 years, our master distiller hand-selects a single barrel that will be used for each batch. The result is a rich and complex spirit that is truly one of a kind.

King & Dane Farmhouse: Harvest Reserve

Single-Barrel, Hand-Selected Farmhouse Rum

90 Proof • 750ml

King & Dane Farmhouse Merch

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