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Tropical Rum Made in the Midwest

King & Dane Silver

Midwest-Made King & Dane Silver Rum™ captures the sun-soaked and easy-going spirit of Caribbean rums.


Rum like a king

King & Dane Silver Rum is fit for a king, crafted using the time-honored processes and traditions of authentic Caribbean rum-making while drawing on our Midwest roots as inspiriration, resulting in a rum that boasts tropical fruit notes and Midwest heart.

Distilled in small batches, our silver rum features tropical fruit notes that evoke thoughts of sunny beaches and lazy afternoons.

The Story

King & Dane Silver Rum was created as an homage to the rich history and traditions of Caribbean rum-making, while using meaningfully-sourced ingredients.

The Process

Using traditional Caribbean rum-making techniques, King & Dane Silver is two-time pot distilled from an authentic panela and dunder sour mash resulting in a smooth and balanced rum with rich, bright tropical fruit notes.

King & Dane Silver

Midwest-Made Rum

90 Proof • 750ml

King & Dane Silver Merch

Fit for a King

Great threads without spending a king's ransom.