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Vodka Made with Farm-Fresh Strawberries

Heart of Glass

Made from farm-grown strawberries at the peak of the season, Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka™ is a fresh, delicious take on flavored vodka.


A Fresh Outlook

Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka is what happens to a flavored vodka when you combine the patience it takes to perfect a whiskey, the precision of gin-making, and the inventiveness of a moonshiner. We wanted to capture the bright, juicy essence of Ohio strawberries and bring it to your glass, no matter the season.

So, after years of research and development, we landed on a process that treats a flavored vodka like gin and incorporates the entire strawberry—leaves and all—to create a super clean, one-of-a-kind vodka that's as fresh as it gets. The result is a super clean vodka that smells like farmers market strawberry jam.

The Story

Ohio strawberries are a true gem, but their season is fleeting. We wanted to capture their peak season taste in every sip of Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka, so you can enjoy the taste of summer all year round.

The Process

Distilled seven times and made with over a pound of 100% locally-grown strawberries per bottle, Heart of Glass is made without any added flavorings or sweeteners so you can taste the true essence of the berry in every bottle.

Heart of Glass

Vodka Made with Farm-Fresh Strawberries

80 Proof • 750ml

Heart of Glass Merch

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