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New American Style Gin

East Side Gin

Beautifully balanced with just six botanicals, East Side Gin™ is the perfect foundation for your gin-based cocktails, from timeless classics to innovative new creations.


Welcome to the
East Side

Crafted with a perfectly balanced blend of six botanicals, including juniper, coriander, cardamom, fennel pollen, lemon balm, and lemon verbena, East Side Gin is a journey from start to finish. With piney notes of juniper and a long, bright citrus finish, this gin is as bold and unique as the East Sides that inspired it.

And while we know gin can be a polarizing spirit, East Side Gin is a beloved favorite among both gin enthusiasts and skeptics alike for its approachable, versatile taste that's perfect in any gin cocktail.

The Story

We don't think gin should be stuffy or pretentious, so, inspired by the patience and determination of East Sides everywhere, we set out to create a gin that captures the adventurous spirit of those communities and neighborhoods.

The Process

We take pride in every step of the process in crafting East Side Gin, from the careful selection of our botanicals to the expertly designed custom hybrid still we use for distillation.

East Side Gin

New American-Style Gin

90 Proof • 750ml

Coming of Age

Keep Your Gin Up!

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