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Vodka Made with fresh Peaches and Apricots

Heart of Stone

Crafted using only the freshest peaches and apricots, Heart of Stone Peach & Apricot Vodka™ brings the pure and delicious flavors of orchard-fresh stone fruits to elevate your favorite cocktails.


Well, aren't you a Peach

Heart of Stone Peach & Apricot Vodka delivers the same exceptional quality and craftsmanship that sets the Heart of Vodka series apart.Utilizing the same ingenuity and techniques as Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka, Heart of Stone brings the robust flavors of stone fruit to brighten your favorite cocktails.

As acclaimed author and mixologist Dale DeGroff once said, 'Fruit is not a flavor, it's a taste,' and Heart of Stone captures that taste of fresh, ripe peaches and apricots with every sip. With its bright, vibrant flavor, this vodka enlivens any cocktail it touches, from a refreshing Bellini to a classic Cosmo.

The Story

We set out to create a vodka that embodies the deliciousness of fresh, ripe peaches and apricots. The result is Heart of Stone, a vodka that captures the essence of these fruits and delivers a taste of summer all year round.

The Process

We use only the freshest, ripest peaches and apricots in every batch of Heart of Stone. We distill the vodka seven times, creating a smooth and refined taste, and with no added flavors or sweeteners, every bottle of Heart of Stone Vodka is a true celebration of the natural flavors of these delectable stone fruits.

Heart of Stone

Vodka Made with Peaches & Apricots

80 Proof • 750ml

Heart of Stone Merch

Peachy Keen

Grab some Heart of Stone apparel that'll have you looking pretty as a peach.

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