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Traditional Northwest Ohio Moonshine from Corn and Apples

Maumee Moonshine

Crafted from locally sourced apples, corn, and sugar, Maumee Moonshine™ is a smooth and authentic expression of our region's heritage. Sour-mashed and double pot-distilled, Maumee Moonshine
is a testament to classic techniques while offering a wholly unique taste.


Historic Traditions, Local Flavors

Maumee Moonshine is an authentic Northwest Ohio moonshine, made from corn and apples grown at a local orchard. Our traditional, sour-mashed, double pot-distilled process results in a clean and smooth moonshine with subtle rum character that's perfect for sipping or mixing.


The Story

Maumee Moonshine is a tribute to the time-honored processes of making moonshine, which is created and enjoyed in communities around the world, using ingredients that are native to the area. We use local corn and apples to create unique flavors, and a distinct character that's true to our region.

The Process

Maumee Moonshine is made using a traditional, sour-mashed, double pot-distilled process that results in a clean and smooth moonshine with a subtle apple and corn character. The local ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and most authentic taste possible.

Maumee Moonshine

Moonshine made from Corn & Apples

100 Proof • 750ml

Maumee Moonshine Merch

To the Moon!

Take a shine to this Maumee Moonshine gear.