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Made from local apples, corn, and sugar, no moonshine could be smoother or truer to form. Sour-mashed and double pot-distilled, Maumee Moonshine is traditional and straightforward, but completely unexpected.

Moonshine bold enough to hold up in a mule or a spicy Bloody Mary, but subtle and sweet enough to play well in more delicate drinks like Champagne Cocktails and Bellinis.


Proof 100

Size 750ml

Price $25.65

Like any good moonshine produced from real, local ingredients, the spirit shows off its traditional pedigree at every turn. Because of the sugar, it opens like a white rum, sharp and boozy, moving quickly to a soft, smooth butteriness that comes from the corn. It finishes dry and tannic with a hint of apple peel (Johnny Appleseed would be proud). At 100 proof, it's strong enough to remind you that it is moonshine and not just warm water but distilled carefully to stop short of rocket fuel. As well as being a mixer, Maumee Moonshine is drinkable straight, as a sipper or as a shot.

Communities around the globe make moonshine utilizing produce they have in abundance. Our Maumee Moonshine is made with apples and corn from right in our backyard to create a moonshine that is authentic to the region.

Maumee Moonshine is two time pot distilled from a sour mash made of apples, corn, and sugar.

finest new make whiskey with a twist / rum character / clean sweetness / light but interesting

Other Ways to Purchase

You can always come by The Bottle Shop at Toledo Spirits and pick up your favorite spirits and merch, or, you can find Maumee Moonshine at your favorite Ohio liquor store. 

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