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Exceptionally smooth vodka that sets the gold standard

Heart of Gold

Made from organic rye, Heart of Gold Vodka™ is eight times distilled and filtered through precious metals for a silky, rich texture.


The Gold Standard

Regular vodka can sometimes be so… regular. So we set out to make a vodka that's not just a base spirit for your cocktails, but an essential ingredient that elevates and enriches your drinks.

Crafted from organic, Ohio-grown rye, Heart of Gold delivers a subtle spice that gives traditional vodka cocktails a depth and complexity you never knew they were missing. With eight distillations and a precious metal filtering process, this exceptional vodka boasts a silky, smooth texture and a light, clean sweetness that will set the gold standard for your cocktails.

The Story

With Heart of Gold, we set out to make a vodka that we couldn't find anywhere else. A vodka that was clean, but flavorful and rich and silky, but light. Our commitment to using organic, Ohio-grown rye provides a subtle spice that adds depth to traditional vodka cocktails. Our unique dual filtering process, which includes gold, silver, and platinum, creates a velvety mouthfeel and a light, clean sweetness that is not often found in vodka.

The Process

Ohio-grown organic rye and corn are distilled eight times and dual filtered for smoothness. First, the vodka passes through charcoal to remove impurities. Then, it's meticulously filtered through a blend of precious metals creating a smooth, velvety texture.

Heart of Gold

Vodka Made from Organic Rye

80 Proof • 750ml

Heart of Gold Merch

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

Nothing gold can stay, but this shiny, new Heart of Gold gear will last a good while at least.

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