Orange Tiger Bourbon Barrel-Aged Orange Liqueur

Orange Tiger bourbon barrel-aged orange liqueur is perfect as an aperitif, but its gentle sweetness and deep citrus flavors make any cocktail a craft cocktail. Used in place of triple sec or orange liqueur, Orange Tiger adds depth to Margaritas, Sidecars, or Cosmopolitans, and its oakiness pairs wonderfully with bourbons, ryes, and Canadian whiskey.

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Toledo Spirits Orange Tiger Bourbon Barrel-Aged Orange Liqueur Product


  • Gold Medal Recipient, 2017 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Tasting Notes

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Long cooked marmalade
  • Hint of sweetness
  • Caramel, oak, and spicy bourbon character
  • Light spice of the finish

Available Sizes

  • 750ml


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Wholesale: $25.2
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