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Perfect as an aperitif with a gentle sweetness and deep citrus flavor that makes any cocktail a craft cocktail.

Small batch and handmade with only a hint of sweetness and a profoundly unique orange and oak character, Orange Tiger will take your cocktails to new and exotic places. 


Proof 80

Size 750ml

Price $26.80

Orange Tiger bourbon barrel-aged orange liqueur is perfect as an aperitif, but its gentle sweetness and deep citrus flavors make any cocktail a craft cocktail. Used in place of triple sec or orange liqueur, Orange Tiger adds depth to Margaritas, Sidecars, or Cosmopolitans, and its oakiness pairs wonderfully with bourbons, ryes, and Canadian whiskey.

Orange Tiger was designed to provide cocktail enthusiasts with an orange liqueur that wasn’t cloyingly sweet and could further elevate classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans.

Orange, orange peel, and habanero pepper macerated liquor is barrel aged to create a balanced and subtly sweet liqueur.

fresh-squeezed orange juice / long-cooked marmalade / hint of sweetness / caramel, oak, and spicy bourbon / light spice of the finish

Other Ways to Purchase

You can always come by The Bottle Shop at Toledo Spirits and pick up your favorite spirits and merch, or, you can find Orange Tiger at your favorite Ohio liquor store. 

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